Audiobook Production

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Audiobook Services

From recording to post-production, we are a full-service audiobook production. Let us help you build brand engagement with this exciting medium.

Audiobook Production

  • Producing audiobooks since 1995
  • Full-service audiobook production
  • Bullet-proof Q.C.

Spanish Audiobook Production

  • Mexico City location
  • Latin American Spanish (broadcast neutral and regional LA accents)
  • $395 per finished hour

JMM Casting Platform
Audiobook Casting: Solved

  • Select Narrators - search by name, gender, age, and more
  • Add one or more to a project
  • Conduct One-Click-Auditions™
  • Share your branded Project Page with Stakeholders.

Alexa Coding and Audio

  • Create interactive content for Alexa and other smart speakers
  • Create bonus material for audiobooks or your biggest brands/series
  • Choose your own adventure audiobooks
  • We’ve got tons of cool ideas and can execute them start to finish!

Independent Narrator Services

  • Editing, Proofing, Pickups and Mastering
  • Always available